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MCW Progress Report - Children in Military Custody - 2 Years On

[1 September 2014] - In June 2012, a delegation of UK lawyers published the report Ė Children in Military Custody (UK Report). The Foreign Office funded report reviewed how children are treated in Israelís military court system taking into account both the legal framework and practice. The report found breaches of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Fourth Geneva Convention and concluded by making 40 specific recommendations. Two years on, MCW has published a report that reviews progress made in implementing the UK Reportís recommendations and finds that just 5 per cent have been substantially implemented.

Newsletter - August 2014
At the end of July 2014, there were 192 Palestinian children held as "security prisoners' in Israeli prisons. 48% of these children were detained inside Israel in violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Fatou Bensouda: the truth about the ICC and Gaza
[August 2014] - The prosecutor at the International Criminal Court explains why it is up to the Palestinian Authority to activate the Court's jurisdiction.
AG recommends psychiatric evaluations of Palestinian minors in custody
[August 2014] - 'A minor is a minor, no matter where he lives,' Weinstein tells military advocate general.