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Is the UK turning a blind eye to war crimes?

[9 February 2016] – During the debate on children held in Israeli military detention in the UK Parliament on 6 January 2016, it was recommended that, consistent with the UK’s legal obligations, a watch list should be maintained at all UK ports of entry including the names of all who commit, aid, abet and procure the commission by another person of the unlawful transfer of protected persons – adults and children – from the occupied territories to prisons inside Israel. Assurances were also sought from Tobias Ellwood MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs, that any individual on the watch list who attempts to enter the UK should be detained for questioning.

Newsletter - January 2016
At the end of December 2015, there were 422 Palestinian children held as 'security prisoners' in Israeli prisons. 35% of these children were detained inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
FCO response to unlawful transfer of protected persons
[January 2016] - On 2 December 2015, MCW wrote to the British Consulate in Jerusalem raising concerns about the policy of the Israeli Government of transferring protected persons from the West Bank.
Testimony: S.M.L.
On 9 December 2015, a 17-year-old youth from the Qalandia refugee camp is detained by Israeli soldiers and accused of throwing stones. He is released 8 days later.