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Is the IDF Conducting a Kneecapping Campaign in the West Bank?

[Haaretz: 27 August 2016] - The number of Palestinians being wounded by live fire is on the increase, with stone throwers saying they are being told that confronting soldiers is liable to leave them crippled for life. "The event held in honor of the wounded Deheisheh refugee camp residents started almost on time, at 8:20 P.M. last Sunday. Rows of chairs were placed in the main road, which had been partially closed to traffic. Drivers using the remaining lane were patient and crawled in both directions, creating two intertwined traffic jams that miraculously yielded to a wailing ambulance. Someone directed traffic to the right and the left, and within seconds a route had been cleared."

Testimony: A.N.M.J.
On 26 July 2016, a 9-year-old boy is detained without explanation by Israeli soldiers near the Wall. He is released 10 hours later.
Newsletter - July 2016
At the end of April 2016, there were 414 Palestinian children held as 'security prisoners' in Israeli prisons. 48% of these children were detained inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Second debate in UK parliament on children in military custody in 2016 (by Gerard Horton)
[24 July 2016] - On the last day before the summer recess, the House of Lords debated “the conditions in which Palestinian children are living and the impact on their health and wellbeing” including treatment in military detention.