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IDF briefly detains mentally disabled Palestinian boy

[20 October 2014] - Troops bind and blindfold the 11 year old on suspicion of stone-throwing, release him 15 minutes later. Israeli army troops in Hebron detained a mentally disabled Palestinian boy, 11, and held him bound and blindfolded for about 15 minutes on Monday. Only after the boyís father arrived and convinced the soldiers that the boy had a mental impairment did the soldiers release him.

Israel's High Court chooses occupation over international law
[October 2014] - In at least two major decisions, Israelís top court has shown it is prepared to uphold grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Supreme Court of Israel's role in the occupation
[October 2014] - Since 1967, Israelís Supreme Court has heard thousands of petitions submitted on behalf of Palestinians living under military occupation.
In Interrogations, Teenagers Are Too Young to Know Better
[October 2014] - Even when police interrogators left the room, cameras kept recording the teenage suspects. Some paced. Several curled up and slept. One sobbed loudly.