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Army's top lawyer says ICC has no jurisdiction

Top Israeli military lawyer says “Israel is a law-abiding country, with an independent and strong judicial system, and there is no reason for its actions to be scrutinized by the ICC.”

US State Department - Human Rights Report (March 2019)

This report covers human rights during 2018. The report refers to the findings from 400 testimonies collected from children detained by the Israeli military.

The UNICEF Report: 6-Years On

[6 March 2019] – This month marks 6-years since UNICEF released the report Children in Israeli Military Detention. In the report UNICEF concluded that the ill-treatment of children in the system appeared to be "widespread, systematic and institutionalised throughout the process."

10 Foreign Ministers Condemn "Illegal Occupation" and Forcible Transfer of Detainees

[27 February 2019] - The Guardian recently published an opinion piece by 10 foreign ministers including Britain’s, condemning Russia’s 5-year “illegal occupation” of Crimea. The Foreign Ministers emphasised the need for consequences for violations of international law.

Revenue raising under occupation

[14 February 2019] - Israeli military courts are fining Palestinians in the West Bank nearly USD $6 million each year, according to information provided under a Freedom of Information application. This represents and increase of 42 percent compared with 2011.

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