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Evidence update: Threats to extract confessions

[31 August 2023] - Ten years ago UNICEF reported on the extensive use of threats to extract confessions from children held in Israeli military detention. In the absence of accountability, the practice has increased significantly during the intervening decade.

Administrative Detention of children at 15 year high

[30 June 2023] - According to the Israeli Prison Service, approximately a quarter of Palestinians detained by the Israeli military authorities are held without charge or trial under Administrative Detention orders. This number includes 18 children - the highest level for over 15 years.

UN Secretary General's Report on Children in Armed Conflict

[28 June 2023] - On 27 June 2023, the UN released the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children in Armed Conflict. The report includes trends regarding the impact of armed conflict on children in 2022.

UK Lawyers' Report - 11th anniversary

[26 June 2023] – This month marks 11 years since a delegation of UK lawyers reviewed the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law and published their findings and recommendations.

Evidence update: prompt access to lawyers

[6 June 2023] – Under Israeli military law a detainee has the right to consult with a lawyer prior to interrogation. There are exceptions but generally these do not apply to children. A detainee must also be informed of the right prior to questioning.

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