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Testimony: A.S.M.Y.


Name:  A.S.M.Y.
Age:  16
Date:  19 November 2017
Location:  An Nabi Saleh, West Bank
Accusation:  Throwing stones

On 19 November 2017, a 16-year-old youth from An Nabi Saleh is detained by Israeli soldiers at the entrance to his village while on his way to school. He is tied, blindfolded and held for 6 hours before being released without charge.

My teacher picked me up in his car at around 7:30 a.m. and give me a lift to school in the nearby village as usual. Two other students were also in the car.
When we arrived at the Israeli military watchtower at the entrance to my village the soldiers stopped us and asked to see our ID cards. Three soldiers opened the doors and asked us to step out and took photos of us without any explanation. Then they told us to get back into the car. They made us wait in the car for about 30 minutes.
After about 30 minutes a soldier told me and the other students to get out of the car and told the teacher to leave. A few women from the village tried to intervene but the soldiers sent them away.
Then a soldier took me inside the watchtower where he tied my hands to the front with one plastic tie which was painful. He also blindfolded me and told me to sit on a chair.
While inside the watchtower I asked to use the toilet outside. A soldier accompanied me and beat me on my legs and back in the toilet which was painful. Then I was taken back inside the watchtower.
At one point I heard someone walk into the room and I tried to lift the blindfold to see who it was. When the commander saw me lifting the blindfold he yelled at me and threatened to pluck my eyes out if I tried to remove it again. Then he removed the tie and replaced it with another plastic tie which was tighter and more painful. He also tightened the blindfold which was painful.
Then the commander told me he had photographic evidence of me throwing stones at soldiers. I told him the photographs were old and I had already spent time in prison. Then he accused me of continuing to throw stones at soldiers after my release from prison and threatened to lock me up in prison for a long time. I denied the accusation. At no time did he inform me that I had any rights.
Then he spoke again about the photographs and I told him to show them to me. He left the room for about 2 hours and came back but without photographs. I asked him to release me and complained to him that he made me lose a day of school for nothing.
At around 1:00 p.m. the commander took me outside where he removed the tie and the blindfold. He slapped me on my shoulder and told me he did not want to see my face ever again. He said that if he did see me he was going to shoot me and lock me up. Then he let go of me and I walked home by myself. I arrived home at around 1:30 p.m.