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Testimony: S.R.K.H.


Name: S.R.K.H.
Age: 16
Date of incident: 9 May 2016

 Deir Abu Mash’al, West Bank

Accusation: Throwing stones
On 9 May 2016, a 16-year-old youth from Deir Abu Mash'al is arrested by Israeli soldiers at 3:30 a.m. He is released without charge 4 days later.
I woke up at around 3:00 a.m. to the sound of commotion around the house. I suspected it that it might be Israeli soldiers. About half-an-hour later I heard loud and aggressive banging at the front door.
My brother and I both went to the front door and an army officer immediately asked me for my name. He told me I was wanted and that they were going to arrest me. They did not give us any written documents or give reasons for my arrest.
The soldiers told me to change and then took me outside where they tied my hands to the back with one plastic tie. A soldier tightened it very hard. They also blindfolded me and dragged me down some stairs pushing me aggressively.
When we got to the street the soldiers let go of me and made me walk by myself blindfolded until I hit a wall. I walked for about 200 meters and then I was pushed into the back of a jeep where I sat on the metal floor.
The jeep drove towards the centre of the town where I was transferred to a troop carrier where I sat on the floor again. The troop carrier remained stationary for about 30 minutes while the soldiers made more arrests. Meanwhile a doctor asked me whether I had any medical conditions.
After about 30 minutes the troop carrier drove for about an hour to the police station in Binyamin settlement where I was taken to a room and waited for about 15 minutes. A soldier then told me they were waiting for the interrogator but he never showed up. I was then taken back to a jeep where I sat on the floor.
The jeep drove for about another hour to a military base. I remained inside the jeep for about 30 minutes and then I was transported back to Binyamin police station. I waited in an outdoor area until around 7:30 p.m. before I was taken for interrogation.
The interrogator removed the blindfold but kept me tied and asked me for my name and asked me whether I needed a lawyer. He also asked me whether I wanted to call my parents. I told him I did. There was a camera and a tape recorder in the room. He then showed me some photographs of boys who were throwing stones and asked me to identify them. Then he accused me of taking part in a demonstration. I told him I didn’t know any of the boys and denied the accusation. He also asked me whether I had been to Jerusalem.
Then the interrogator accused me of throwing stones at soldiers which I denied. Then he printed out my statement in Hebrew and asked me to sign it but I refused. About 30 minutes later they took my photograph and my fingerprints.
Afterwards I was taken to a room where I was blindfolded. I remained in the room for about 30 minutes. Then I was taken to the back of a troop carrier which drove for about two hours to Etzion settlement. The tie and the blindfold were removed and I spent the night in a cell. I wasn’t given any food or drink.
At around 10:00 a.m. the next day I was shackled and handcuffed to the front and taken to a vehicle which drove for about 90 minutes to Ofer prison. I arrived at Ofer at around 11:30 a.m. and I was told I was going to appear in the military court. At around 4:30 p.m. a soldier called my name and told me I was going to be released in a day or two. I was then taken back to Etzion without appearing in court.
I remained at Etzion for a day and night in a small cell no bigger than 2 x 2 meters where I was given some food.
On 12 May 2016, at around 10:00 a.m., I was released on the main road near the settlement. There were settlers in the area at the time and I was scared. I hid in the bushes until I saw a Palestinian driver who gave me a lift to Bethlehem. I then took a taxi to Ramallah and from there onto my town. I arrived home at around 5:00 p.m.