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Testimony: M.I.M.J.


Name: M.I.M.J.
Age: 15
Date: 22 November 2017
Location: Al 'Arrub, West Bank
Accusation: Throwing stones

On 22 November 2017, Israeli soldiers deliver a summons to a 15-year-old boy at midnight to attend an interrogation later that day. He reports that he is interrogated without first being informed of his right to a lawyer or his right to silence.

I woke up to find Israeli soldiers standing over me. It was around midnight. Around five soldiers entered my bedroom and there were more in the corridor.
They made me sit on a chair by the door and one soldier put his face very close to mine and blew in my face. He also twisted my arm behind my back and held it in a painful position against the wall with his gun. He threatened next time he was going to break it. 
When my sister brought me a glass of water a soldier swore at her. Then they told my father to bring me to the interrogation centre at Etzion by 7:30 a.m. They gave my father a summons with details about where they wanted me to go and for what reason, all written in Hebrew. The commander had written my identity number on his hand. He also had my brother’s name written on his hand too.
Later that morning I went with my father to Etzion as instructed. We waited until 2:00 p.m. and no body let us in. In the end a guard told us to leave and come back the following morning because there were no interrogators available at the time. My father and I went home.
The following day we went back to Etzion again. I waited from 7:30 a.m. until around 11:30 a.m. when I was taken to an interrogation room. They allowed my father into the police station but they did not allow him into the interrogation room with me.
As soon as I entered the room the interrogator asked me whether I knew about a person who was in a Skoda firing with a hunting rifle. When I told him I did not he accused me of lying. He did not inform me of any rights. Then he pulled out a photo album with photos of me together with other boys some of whom were masked. Then he accused me of passing a stone to one of the masked boys in one of the photos and wanted me to tell him the boy’s name. I told him I had a tissue in my hand and how would I know who the boy was when he was masked. Then he showed me photos of two young men from the camp and wanted me to confess against them and say they threw stones. Then he claimed he had photos of me throwing stones during a demonstration. I asked him to show me the photos but he never did. 
Later he took me to see another interrogator who asked me the same questions without informing me of my rights either. He accused me of throwing stones which hit the target. He asked me whether I hit settlers or soldiers and I told him I aimed at soldiers but I missed. Then he told me a soldier was injured but when I denied I had hit a soldier and hurt him he lost his temper and started to shout at me and bang the table aggressively. He also swore at me. Then he showed me documents in Hebrew and asked me to sign them but I refused. He swore at me again when I refused to sign.
Then he took me outside and left me there for about two hours. I was then strip searched and taken into a cell at Etzion. I was in the cell by myself and I could not sleep. 
The following morning, I was taken in a car and dropped off near a military watchtower. I was told my father was going to come and take me home. I started to walk and about 30 minutes later my father came and took me home. I later found out that my father had to pay 2,000 shekels to get me released. I was released on 23 November 2017.