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Testimony: Y.D.M.S.


Name:  Y.D.M.S.
Age:  14
Date:  10 January 2019
Location:  Kafr Qaddum, West Bank
Accusation:  None

On 10 January 2019, a 14-year-old minor from Kafr Qaddum was served with a summons by Israeli soldiers at 12:30 a.m. He attended the police station the next day and reports not being informed of his legal rights.  

I was still up having something to eat when I heard the sound of a vehicle outside our house. It was around 12:30 a.m. At first I thought it was a rubbish truck but when I looked out the window and saw a military vehicle. I went to tell my parents and then I heard loud banging at our front door; someone was kicking the door with their boots. My father answered the door and about 30 Israeli soldiers entered our home.
The commander asked for me and my brother. My father told him my brother was at my older brother’s house next door. The commander and some soldiers went to my brother’s house and arrested my brother and then came back to our house. The commander asked my father for me once again and my father pointed to me. The commander told me I was under arrest. I was terrified and ran to my mother and sat on her lap and refused to move. I started to cry but the commander was insistent. 
The commander grabbed me by my arm and tried to pull me away from my mother but my mother held on to me tightly. The commander wanted to tie my hands but my mother did not allow him. She pulled my hands away and told the commander he could tie her hands but not mine. I was so scared that I threw up and I could not stop shivering. I was shivering uncontrollably. My father told the commander I was sick and could not possibly leave the house. The commander did not believe my father and brought in a soldier who had a medical device and he took my heart rate. The soldier told the commander I was not in good shape.
Then the commander handed my father a document written in Hebrew and told him to bring me to the police station by 10:00 a.m. He threatened that if my father did not bring me he would come back and arrest me himself. My father promised he would bring me to the police station. The soldiers then arrested my brother and left.
I could not sleep that night. My parents tried to calm me down and to tell me what to expect at the police station. My father told me not to say a word no matter what I am asked. He tried to encourage me and told me not to answer any questions.
At around 9:00 a.m. my father phoned a lawyer and told him to meet us at the police station. My father and I went to the police station and we were there by 10:00 a.m. The lawyer told me not to be scared and not to answer any questions. He told me to remain silent the whole time. Then an interrogator came and took me inside. My lawyer and my father wanted to accompany inside but the interrogator did not allow them.
I was taken into a waiting room where I saw my brother who was tied and blindfolded. He spoke to me and told me not to say a word about myself or anyone else. I waited for about 30 minutes and then I was taken for interrogation. 
The interrogator asked me for my name but I told him I was sick and tired and could not speak. I told him I had a bad headache and could not say a word. A soldier who was in the room told me not to be scared and brought me a glass of water but I did not drink it because it looked dirty. 
Without informing me of my rights the two of them started to look at a bunch of photographs trying to identify me but they did not find anything. They looked and looked for about an hour and did not speak to me. They did not show me any documents and did not ask me to sign anything. Then they took me outside where I met my father and he took me home. I arrived home at around 2:30 p.m.
For a whole month I could not sleep in my own bedroom; I slept in my mother’s bed and with my clothes on because I am worried they might come back for me. Whenever I find out that soldiers are in the village I run home and tell my mother to protect me because I fear they have come to get me.