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When Israeli Soldiers Invade Palestinian Houses at Night

[Haaretz: 16 December 2020] - At night, while the household sleeps, my team gets ready outside. One person knocks on the door, and almost immediately after, another breaks in.

ICC Prosecutor, Set to Leave Office, Slams "Wholly Unacceptable" US Sanctions

[Haaretz: 14 December 2020] - Fatou Bensouda says that the court and her office were 'subjected to unprecedented and wholly unacceptable threats, attacks and sanctions this past year' for investigating U.S. troops and allies, including Israel

The 'banal' trauma of Israel's night raids on Palestinian children

[Middle East Eye: 26 November 2020] - Despite cosmetic reforms to Israeli military law in the West Bank, Palestinian children and their families are routinely abused. Sometimes, they come with no particular reason.

US Imposes Sanctions on ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

[Haaretz: 2 September 2020] - ICC slams 'unprecedented' sanctions, which it says aim to 'interfere with the Court's judicial and prosecutorial independence,' over investigations into alleged U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan

Pompeo threatens to target "Corrupt" ICC over Israel, US war crime probes

[Guardian: 2 June 2020] - U.S. secretary of state says to expect a series of announcements from the American government pushing back against ICC 'in the coming days'

Australian government tells ICC it should not investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine

[Guardian: 9 May 2020] - The Australian government has told the International Criminal Court it should not investigate alleged war crimes in Palestine because Palestine is “not a state”, arguing the court prosecutor’s investigation into alleged attacks on civilians.

Outgoing IDF West Bank commander says security coordination with PA working, for now

[Haaretz: 1 October 2019] - Brig. Gen. Eran Niv describes IDF achievements in the West Bank and highlights the importance of security coordination with the Palestinians. He estimates that around 1% of Palestinians are involved in violence.

Israeli Army Forced to Admit Blindfolding Detained Palestinians is Against Protocol

[Haaretz: 13 August 2019] - A petition to the High Court of Justice has forced the military to reiterate and clarify regulations that forbid blindfolding detained Palestinians and to admit that had exceeded their authority by doing so.

"Endless Trip to Hell": Israel Jails Hundreds of Palestinian Boys a Year. These Are Their Testimonies

[Haaretz: 16 March 2019] - They're seized in the dead of night, blindfolded and cuffed and abused. Once at the army base or police station, the minor is placed, still handcuffed and blindfolded, on a chair or on the floor for a few hours.

Humiliation that Affects Everyone

[Haaretz: 20 March 2019] - The traumas that Palestinian teenagers and children experience in Israeli jails can cause lifelong scars, for them and their communities alike. The impact of these arrests accumulates and intensifies as more youths are arrested.

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