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Administrative Detention of children at 15 year high

[30 June 2023] - According to the Israeli Prison Service, approximately a quarter of Palestinians detained by the Israeli military authorities are held without charge or trial under Administrative Detention orders. This number includes 18 children - the highest level for over 15 years.

UN Secretary General's Report on Children in Armed Conflict

[28 June 2023] - On 27 June 2023, the UN released the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children in Armed Conflict. The report includes trends regarding the impact of armed conflict on children in 2022.

UK Lawyers' Report - 11th anniversary

[26 June 2023] – This month marks 11 years since a delegation of UK lawyers reviewed the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law and published their findings and recommendations.

Evidence update: prompt access to lawyers

[6 June 2023] – Under Israeli military law a detainee has the right to consult with a lawyer prior to interrogation. There are exceptions but generally these do not apply to children. A detainee must also be informed of the right prior to questioning.

Evidence update: right to silence

[30 April 2023] – The right to remain silent during interrogation and at trial gives effect to the principle that a suspect is presumed innocent and the onus of proving otherwise is on the authorities. A suspect is not obliged to prove or disprove facts or incriminate themselves.

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