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Newsletter: June 2024

At the end of June 2024, there were 209 Palestinian children held as "security prisoners" in Israeli prisons. 50% of these children were unlawfully transferred to Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Also in this issue: Justice Delayed: hundreds of children continue to be transferred; UN Secretary General's Annual Report on Children in Armed Conflict; UK Lawyers' Report: No Accountability, No Progress; and a child describes being arrested from his home in Bethlehem by Israeli soldiers at 2:30 a.m.

UN Secretary-General's Report on Children in Armed Conflict (2023)
[15 June 2024] On 13 June 2024, the UN released the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on Children in Armed Conflict.
The Lawyers' Report: 12 Years On - No Accountability, No Progress
[27 June 2024] – In 2012, an independent delegation of lawyers funded by the UK Foreign Office issued a report on the treatment of Palestinian children held in Israeli military detention.
Evidence update: solitary confinement
[31 May 2024] - Evidence relating to the systematic use of solitary confinement of Palestinian children detained by Israeli military authorities as part of their interrogation is well documented with UNICEF recommending a total prohibition of the practice.