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"Endless Trip to Hell": Israel Jails Hundreds of Palestinian Boys a Year. These Are Their Testimonies

[Haaretz: 16 March 2019] - They’re seized in the dead of night, blindfolded and cuffed, abused and manipulated to confess to crimes they didn't commit. Every year Israel arrests almost 1,000 Palestinian youngsters, some of them not yet 13." It was a gloomy, typically chilly late-February afternoon in the West Bank village of Beit Ummar, between Bethlehem and Hebron. The weather didn’t deter the children of the Abu-Ayyash family from playing and frolicking outside. One of them, in a Spiderman costume, acted the part by jumping lithely from place to place."

The UNICEF Report: 6-Years On
[6 March 2019] – This month marks 6-years since UNICEF released the report Children in Israeli Military Detention.
Newsletter - February 2019
At the end of January 2019, there were 209 Palestinian children held as 'security prisoners' in Israeli prisons. 42% of children were detained inside Israel in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Humiliation that Affects Everyone
[Haaretz: 20 March 2019] - The traumas that Palestinian teenagers and children experience in Israeli jails can cause lifelong scars, for them and their communities alike.